Frontend Software Engineer

New York, NY (Remote OK)

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Get paid to help us build and test Qri software. Work closely with the Qri engineering team to build and maintain features on Qri Desktop, an open source electron app written with typescript, react, and redux.
  • Coding up react components and UX flows based on pre-made sketch mockups.
  • Submitting work via github Pull Requests that land components first as storybook stories, then integrated within the app
  • Writing spectron end-to-end tests to confirm behavior across the platforms we support. You’ll have patterns & examples in place for writing tests.

Qualifications & Required Technical Skills (About you)

  • Experience building with React
  • Experience with any of Typescript, Storybook, Webpack, and Electron is a plus
  • Familiarity the go programming language is a plus

Start Date: ASAP

Commitment & Duration: ~25 Hours / week. This will be an ongoing need for us in 2020, so we’re flexible when it comes to when/if you need to roll off or want this to extend further into the year. You’re welcome to set your own hours, but we need a commitment of at least 10 hours / week.

Compensation: Somewhere between $100-$150 USD per hour, depending on skills and experience. We’ll negotiate this with you. The more powerful your skills, the more we can pay you per hour.