Introducing Qri Desktop

As an open-source project, Qri is both the resource and product of a community of contributors and data enthusiasts - many of whom share feature ideas, help find and squash bugs, or contribute code and datasets.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Once you’ve downloaded Qri Desktop, take a look at our Quickstart Documentation.

See Your Data Change

Craft new versions with visual feedback on how your dataset has changed

Surf Thru Time

Don’t guess what changed, Know what changed, and who changed it.

Data Formats You Know

Version common data formats like CSV, JSON, and XLSX. Qri understands each and can convert between formats for you.

Goodbye, Filename Versioning


Dataset versioning means knowing who made changes, what they changed, and when. With Qri, you can bring order to the chaos of many people editing a common dataset.

One Click Sharing

Qri Desktop lets you to easily share datasets on, our dataset discovery and collaboration service. Go from data file on your computer to public qri dataset in under a minute.

Distributed Data is Healthy Data

Qri is a data commons, where many people exchange many datasets. More eyeballs on your dataset means spotting errors sooner, discovering new use cases, and a feedback loop between data publishers and consumers.