Qri Desktop

Manage, version, and share your data; find and use datasets shared by others. Qri Desktop puts a world of first class open data at your fingertips.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Once you’ve downloaded Qri Desktop, take a look at our Quickstart Documentation.

Explore Dataset History

See git-style change logs for datasets. Explore and export older versions.

Keep Your Data in Sync

Know when you have the latest changes. When you don't, sync your datasets and get the fresh stuff!

Pull Datasets with Ease

New data is published on qri every day. Quickly pull and explore datasets shared by other qri users.

Quit Playing the Filename Game


Dataset versioning means knowing who made changes, what they changed, and when. With Qri, you can bring order to the chaos of many people editing a common dataset.

One-Click Data Publishing

Qri Desktop lets you to easily share datasets on qri.cloud, our global community dataset catalog. Go from data file on your computer to public qri dataset in under a minute.

Distributed Data is Healthy Data

Qri is a data commons, where many people exchange many datasets. More eyeballs on your dataset means spotting errors sooner, discovering new use cases, and a feedback loop between data publishers and consumers.