Download Qri

qri comes in two flavors, an app and a command-line client. If you're alredy comfortable with the command line, it's worth checking out the CLI, otherwise, check out the app!

Qri Desktop

Desktop app for interacting with qri datasets on the distributed web.

Currently only available for Mac OS X.

If you'd like to track the status of other installations, check out our progress on github

Download Qri Desktop
For Mac OS X


Command-Line Tools for interacting with qri

While we've only prepared an installer for Mac OS X
Linux Users, can always build from source

Download Qri CLI
(github link)
$ qri add --file=dataset.yaml me/datadataset created!
$ qri connectconnecting to IPFS and qri P2P…
peername: b5
JSON API port: 2503
Webapp port: 2505