Publishing Datasets

Publishing a qri dataset from your local machine makes use of Qri Cloud, our global platform for finding and sharing datasets. Publishing does a couple of things:

  • Copies the bytes for a dataset to Qri Cloud, effectively backing up and serving the dataset on the Qri network
  • Creates a dataset preview page on{username}/{datasetname}, where other users can preview the dataset before downloading it

Publishing in Qri Desktop

Publishing in Qri CLI

Use the command qri publish to publish the latest version of a dataset.

$ qri publish foo/simple_csv
published dataset foo/[email protected]/ipfs/Qme1KedPB7assGKfznH5jQb1vGsZyNkcwVkkGpuhrq2XYp
Qri Cloud is currently in alpha status and is experimental. All data on Qri Cloud is public. Be careful when publishing your datasets.