Your Collection of Datasets

Your collection consists of all of the Qri datasets you have on your computer. These can be your datasets (those associated with your qri username), or those that you have cloned from other Qri users.

Your Collection in Qri Desktop

Use the collection pane to manage your local Qri datasets. From the collection pane you can:

  • Create a new dataset
  • Remove a dataset
  • Clone a dataset from the Qri Network

Your Collection in Qri CLI

Use qri list to show information about the datasets in your collection.

$ qri list
1 fred/usgs_earthquakes
linked: ~/datasets/usgs_earthquakes
2 fred/favorite_bands
linked: ~/datasets/favorite_bands
3 fred/white_wine_quality
linked: ~/datasets/white_wine_quality

You can use other CLI commands to clone, remove, and rename datasets in your collection.