Frontend Screencast Demos

We’ve filmed screencasts of our teammates demonstrating new features to help you get a feel for qri. Check out some of them below.

Please note! We’re improving qri every day. Some of these videos, while still useful, may not reflect the most current state of the app.

Screencast Demo - 0.7.1 (filmed June 19, 2019)

What’s covered:

  • Getting data from to your desktop
  • Exporting data from qri

Screencast Demo - 0.6.1 (filmed Dec 17, 2018)

What’s covered:

  • Navigation
  • How to add datasets published by other peers
  • Defining published vs. non-published datasets
  • How to publish and unpublish a dataset.

Screencast Demo - 0.5.0 (filmed Oct 3, 2018)

What’s covered:

  • How to download Qri
  • Editing a profile
  • How to create and edit a dataset using the body editor
  • Tour of metadata, structure and commits
  • How to export a dataset file (with all of its components)
  • How to remove a dataset

Screencast Demo - 0.4.0 (filmed Sep 27, 2018)

What’s covered:

  • Tour ‘my datasets’ page
  • Viewing a dataset’s body, metadata, schema and commit history
  • Using Starlark to create a dataset from a web page via a Transform script
  • Use of some command Line tools

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