Qri Glossary

This page contains a glossary of commonly used terms in Qri's tools and documentation. If you aren't able to find the term you're looking here, feel free to ask in our Discord.

collectionA Qri user's set of local datasets. A user's collection may contain their own datasets as well as datasets from other users
commitA snapshot of a dataset at a specific point in time. Commit details are stored in the commit component of a datasets
componentA Top-level property of Qri's dataset specification
dataset nameMachine-readable name for a dataset, unique within a single username. Dataset names are limited to letters, numbers, and underscores. Datasets may also have a title property in the meta component, which can contain spaces
dataset referenceA string that refers to a specific version of a Qri dataset
logbookA lightweight record of the history of a dataset. Qri Uses logbook to move information about dataset activity without moving the entire dataset
namespaceThe hierarchy of naming for datasets in qri. All qri dataset names are nested under the user who owns them. For example, chriswhong/usgs_earthquakes, chriswhong is the owner of a dataset called usgs_earthquakes
peerA qri user. Users on qri can connect directly to each other in a peer to peer network
usernameYour handle on qri, made unique when you register with qri.cloud
working directoryA link between a specific location on your hard disk and a dataset stored in Qri