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Push a Dataset to Qri Cloud




Step 1: Push your Dataset

qri push is useful for moving Qri datasets around. You can push to any Qri remote, but serves as the default remote for new local qri installations. Use qri push {username}/{datasetname} to push your dataset to

$ qri push me/top-ten-us-cities-by-population
pushing done [================================================================]
pushed dataset chriswhong-demo/[email protected]qpzje6btorifmtvfty3a/ipfs/QmP6RSBh1du1Zztqh2Ak9Q4JnPU8nAvLAZHe6yqdmnZghw

By default, qri push will only push the most recent version of a dataset. To push a specific version, use qri push me/[email protected]/ipfs/QmHashOfVersion.

We don't have a way to "push all" versions of a dataset at the moment. Here's a github issue where you can voice your support for this feature or tell us how you'd expect it to work.

Step 2: Check out your dataset on Qri Cloud!

That's it! Your dataset is now published on Qri Cloud at{username}/{datasetname}

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