The transform component allows users to attach scripting to Qri datasets. This allowing for automated updates and workflows that combine several datasets into a single output dataset.

Qri transforms are written in Starlark, a programming language similar in syntax to Python3.

Transform is an optional component. Coding is not required to use Qri.

Transform in Qri Desktop

Transforms are currently view-only in Qri Desktop. Each dataset component has its own tab in Qri Desktop's sidebar. If a dataset version contains a transform, you can click the transform tab to view it.

Transform in Qri CLI

You can use qri get to inspect a dataset's transform, which will write the starlark code to the terminal.

$ qri get transform.script b5/world_bank_population

Likewise, you can commit changes to transform using qri save and providing a file.

$ qri save --file
using dataset [me/my_dataset]
dataset saved: foo/[email protected]/ipfs/QmXciFZ7CZj3PfauaXSpKd6amyUpWh4qiPhPGywFbzjhWa

Running Transforms

Scheduling Transforms

See Dataset Specification for detailed documentation of Qri dataset components.