Leave the Munging to the Machines - MLB Edition

Apr 17, 2019 Baseball statstransform scriptweb scraping

Kasey & Rico created a qri dataset from the MLB Home Run rankings on

Qri - Out and Aboot

Apr 15, 2019 Open Data WeekData BazaarDistributed Web SummitSchool of Data

A running list of media featuring Qri and the team.

A Better Mousetrap Podcast

Mar 11, 2019 Open DataData RescueData Bazaar

b5 & Rico sat down with Marcos Dinnerstein of the A Better Mousetrap podcast to talk open-source, open data, how Qri got its start and where we're headed. Have a listen!

Introducing Qri

Feb 15, 2019 DataRescue

Some background on how Qri got its start and what we hope to achieve

How We Sped Up Unit Test Performance by 10x at Qri

Oct 17, 2018 performancetesting

How we improved our unit test performance by profiling and iterating

Datasets Are Books, Not Houses

Oct 30, 2017 conceptscontent-addressing

What's content addressing? What does it have to do with datasets? Why am I on this site in the first place? Read on, dear reader. Read on.