About Qri

Qri is leading an open-source project to build software for dataset synching, versioning, storing and collaboration. We help solve super interesting data problems with individual data nerds (pro and not pro), non-profits, and commercial clients. Qri is led by a team in Brooklyn NY, and collaborators everywhere and anywhere.

The Team

Brendan O'Brien

Founder & Caretaker

Brendan is an open-source software and open data evangelist. He founded Qri during the Data Rescue movement and is responsible for Qri’s code base, road map and growth. He has over a decade of experience in software development, technical due diligence, graphic design and visual arts.

Brendan helped launch Datatogether.org, a network of communities, data scientists, and developers dedicated to promoting collective data stewardship. He is also a leading member the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative (EDGI), founded to preserve at-risk government environmental data.

In his free time Brendan codes and competes as a not-so-competitive cyclist.

Rico Gardaphe

Operations & Business Development

Rico supports Qri’s user community, client projects, and internal operations. He has over a decade of experience across early-stage tech startups (ML/human-in-the-loop data enrichment), strategy consulting, and politics/government. Rico served in the Obama White House from 2009 - 2013.

In his free time Rico perfects his homemade limoncello recipe and plays baseball.

Kasey Huizinga


Kasey is a full stack developer, turning qri code into usable UI/UX in Qri's Desktop app. She maintains the code base, writes and films user tutorials and demos, and kills bugs. She is fluent in Go, python, Javascript, React, electron and p2p connectivity and communication architecture.

In her free time, Kasey performs in plays and musical theater acts across New York City.

Dustin Long


Dustin is a full stack developer who makes everything about Qri work better. He has over a decade of software engineering experience, the bulk of which coming during his time at Google (focusing on compiler and high performance code). He also has deep experience in node.js, python, Go (contributor list) C++, and other languages.

In his free time, Dustin designs and builds arcade and video games.

Chris Whong

Outreach Engineer

Chris does everything from engaging our base of peers and devs, to writing code and helping us plan and execute our next phases of growth.

Chris is a widely respected leader in the NYC civic tech community, known for promoting government adoption of open-source tech, and supporting collaboration between those who generate and those who rely on open data. Most recently, he was the director of NYC Planning Labs, responsible for applying open technology, agile development, and user-centered design to build impactful products with NYC’s Urban Planners.

In his free time, Chris hacks on personal projects leveraging public data, and is a reef aquarium hobbyist.

Qri Contributors

As an open source project, Qri is both the resource and product of a community of contributors and data enthusiasts - many of whom share feature ideas, ID bugs, and contribute working code and open datasets. Join us!