a home for datasets

If you’ve ever “tracked changes” in a text editor, you’ve used a version control system. For decades programmers have been using version control systems to coordinate and collaborate on software projects of all sizes. Go to github.com and you’ll see millions of people using version control to enhance & build on each other’s work. Github’s underlying technology – git – popularized some magic sauce that has inspired an entire generation of programmers.

​Even if you’re not a programmer, there’s a good chance you’ve used a spreadsheet, which can be a kind of dataset. If you’ve ever had trouble keeping a spreadsheet synchronized (with new data or with changes), or getting two spreadsheets to talk to each other (share information), you understand the problem qri will solve.

qri is a version control system just for datasets. Bringing the same coordination & collaboration tools programmers have enjoyed for decades. qri starts with strong technical foundations, but is aimed at providing understandable tools to allow people who do and don’t program to collaborate, bridging the gap between spreadsheets and databases.

​The world is producing more data every day. We believe this data deserves a proper home, a place where data is open, discoverable, vettable, and frictionless.

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